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What business do to protect intellectual property?

Protect the rights of ownership and possession are two interconnected issues. When it comes to property rights, people always mention methods to protect the right to hold that asset before the whole world. For enterprises, the protection of property is a matter of business survival. In particular, intellectual property is not tangible, it is a kind of "special property" should be put out of business forms to protect. 
Protection of intellectual property rights has been made to enterprises against theft and taking advantage of other businesses and individuals. 
Today, with the participation of the convention, treaty nations increasingly, intellectual property is protected by businesses in many different areas such as: 
  • For brand identity: 
On deer, the release of thousands of businesses every day, but customers can still distinguish the well-known brand, constantly updated information about it. For example Nokia, Toyata, Macdonal ... When users listen, look for the phrase immediately had envisioned, automatic connection to the company that owns the label. 
So brand identity is expressed in many ways such as: images, words, sounds that users can now distinguish which of the thousands of other enterprises. In addition, the logo associated with a business name is a unique identifier and is subject to protection of intellectual property law as a trademark. 
So, to brand identity of your business from unauthorized copying is a right thing to do is register for protection of brand identity elements in the Intellectual Property Department. 
  • Copyright in business: 
Or copyrights are the exclusive copyright of an author for his works such as articles on science or literature, music composition, recording, paintings, photographs, films and radio programs . This right protects individual rights and economic interests of the author in relation to this work. The Berne Convention allows an author to receive royalties for life plus a minimum of 50 years. However, countries are allowed to adhere to the Convention raising enjoy copyright term of longer than 
Copyright law protects works of art, music, and words. Organizations or individuals within organizations to create artwork for the purpose of business development, the need for protection of copyright in authority. For example: An image recording advertise products or services on television, an applied research to business development, manufacturing ... 
  • Registered patent protection 
During operation, one side always now use the existing conditions of humanity. On the other hand, the new invention was created to meet the needs of the business. An invention meets the requirements of: A new, innovative and capable of industrial application 
Patent application and for the issue of protection takes time and costs. So now it's considered as inventions that have brought economic efficiency and profitable business over the cost of business investment. That is a problem for managers is now registered patent protection in intellectual property offices or use the invention and self-protection their products. 
  • Trade Secrets 
Trade secrets are information used in the process of conducting business activities are not well known but may provide opportunities for its owners have an advantage over those competitors not know or use that information. 
Trade secrets include recipes, product components, design a kind of machinery, technology and special skills, financial schemes, tendering process for projects of great value ... 
Trade secrets need to be protected because it is a special kind of property profitable for the company. If trade secrets will be revealed resulting in loss of competitive advantage of the company's business. So, the workers directly related to trade secrets are obliged not to disclose confidential or use the information accumulated during the operation. 
Protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises are very complex issues. When you own a business and you're also owns the intellectual property to be protected. To do this effectively rhif businesses should opt for their corporate lawyer with experience in this matter. 
This article provides a brief, general introduction to this topic. To understand this issue, please contact attorney intellectual property of the Gia Hoang Law Firm. 

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