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What to do before closing the business?

Today, with the development trend of the economy, the business is established or closed a lot. However, closing a business wisely is little known entrepreneur. So when to shut down businesses and implement procedures like? To answer that question, the customer needs the consultation of lawyers resolved to close business.

1.  When closing (dissolution) an enterprise?

Closing a business is a necessary procedure when there are legal requirements, such as:

- The duration of operation stated in the company's charter without the extension decision;

- The decisions of entrepreneurs to private enterprise; of all the partners in the partnership; Council members, owners of the company for a limited liability company; of the General Meeting of Shareholders of joint stock companies;

- The company does not have the minimum number of members in accordance with the provisions of this Act within a period of six consecutive months;

- Revocation of certificate of business registration.
2. Things you need to do before closing the business?

The closure (dissolution) are now considered accordance with law when business is complete the following procedures:

First, the General Meeting of Shareholders (joint stock company), Council member (limited liability company), a member of a partnership, private entrepreneurs ... through the decision to close a business.

Second, the liquidation of contracts and payment of corporate debts; payment term debt, liquidation of contracts should not exceed six months from the date of adoption of the decision on dissolution.

The dissolution decision must be sent to creditors together with notice of the settlement of the debt. The notice must include the name and address of the creditor; debt, time, location and method of payment of such debt; the method and time limit for resolving claims of creditors.

Third, private business owners, council members or owners of the company, the Board of Directors held directly liquidation of corporate assets, unless otherwise stipulated in the company charter established organization liquidate own.

Fourth, publicly posted at the main office and a branch of the business of the dissolution. For cases in which the law requires shall publish the decision to dissolve the business must be registered in at least one newspaper written or electronic notice of three.

Thursday, sending dissolution profile to the business registration authority to delete a business name register business.

You now want to find out more details about the dissolution issue, please Gia Hoang lawyer firm for advice. Customers will receive the satisfaction for the quality of our services.

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