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Registered consulting patent protection

Patent is a product, process technologies, human-created (not what already exists in human nature to be discovered) 
Essentially creating new means new product engineering theory, that did not exist or have existed in a small group, but not as common and are confidential to the community, that the invention can be described specifications to create a digital product or process engineering secrets; 
Inability to apply to explain the world; 
Ability to apply directly or through testing for application in production and life; 
Valuable commercial sale of patents (patents) and licenses (license); 
Protection of industrial property rights; 
And being mortal according to the progress of technology. 
Patent can be expressed as the product (structure, quality, material) or a process (method) 
  + The structure is a collection of functional details are the same or different, are linked to perform a certain function, eg engines, machinery, equipment, machine parts, assemblies details machines, and other products ... 
  + Is a collection of quality products correlated with each other, the special account by the presence of a certain function, eg engines, machinery, machine parts assemblies, and other products ... 
  + Materials biological material containing genetic information capable of self-replicating or reproducing in biological systems such as cells, genes, transgenic plants 
  + Method is the process of implementing a series of stages or phases occur simultaneously or continuously over time, in terms determined by technical means used to identify, for example, methods or production processes, process mining, surveying, exploration ... 
- Invention is a creative achievement of human intelligence, so state protection in the form of recognition and protection of human rights direct investment to create or invention. 
Patent protection are technical solutions to meet certain conditions such protection: 
+ The conditions for patent protection in the form of patents cables that are new compared to the technical level in the world, with an inventive step and capable of industrial application 
+ The conditions for patent protection in the form of utility solutions. There are new features compared to the technical level in the world, capable of industrial application and is not common knowledge. 
  + Invention, scientific theories, mathematical methods 
  + Maps, plans, rules and methods for mental activities, pet training, perform games, business and computer programs. 
  + How to show information 
  Solution aesthetic characteristics only 
  + Plant varieties, animal breeds. 
  + Process manufacturing plants, animals primarily biological in nature rather than microbiological processes 
  + Methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of humans and animals 
+ These inventions contrary to social morality, public order, harmful to national defense, security threads are not protected. 
Lawyers provide legal services related to the PCT patent protection in Vietnam originated in the Department of Intellectual Property including: 
  • Consulting, search, usability evaluation in Vietnam and abroad; 
  • Completing applications for patent protection title (translated written materials or the description of the invention and claims, preparation of drawings, making declarations, representatives) to clients in the submission of applications level of protection needs in Vietnam and abroad; 
  • Consulting and implementation services to maintain the validity of patent protection was granted in Vietnam and abroad; 
  • Advice and assessment of violating patent rights are protected; 
  • Assessment of validity of patent protection was granted in Vietnam and abroad; 
  • Negotiating, drafting, evaluation and registration of contracts for transfer of ownership or use of the invention in Vietnam and abroad; 
  • Authorized representative to perform customer response, claims the decision of the Department of Intellectual Property includes, protests, petitions to change the decision; 
  • Records filed patent application covers 
  • Power of Attorney Family Law Attorney Hoang filed patent application. 
  • The description of the invention. 
  • Requirements of patent protection. 
  • Patent drawings (if available) 
  • A notarized copy of the priority document (if any) 
  • Name and address of the inventor, the patent application. 
  • Patent Registration Process: 
  •   Test forms patent application: 1-2 months from the date of filing of the patent application. 
  • Published patent application: within 19 months from the first filing date or from the date of acceptance of the valid application. 
  • Tests patent application: within 12-16 months from the date of publication of the patent application. 
  • The advantage of using the legal services of the Royal Family Code: 
  • Privacy patent information. 
  • Counsel accurate, complete and comprehensive to ensure the widest protection of the invention. 
  • Save time and budget of the customer. 
  • Management, monitoring and timely adjustment process to apply for protection of the title of protection granted to the customer. 
Gia Hoang Law Firm is very pleased to be selected customers. Contact our customer's patents claiming priority protection.


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