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Consulting contract dispute resolution

Contract dispute is a conflict, disagreement between the parties to the contractual relationship relating to the implementation (or not done) the rights and obligations according to the contract.
In the current period, Vietnam's economy is on the rise, business activity, trade grew strongly. But besides that, the contract dispute is constantly increasing. Content dispute as diverse, more complex, such as disputes relating to the contract of sale of goods or provision of services contracts, transportation contracts, agency contracts, insurance policies ...
There are many methods to resolve contract disputes. However, depending on the particularities of each case as well as the customer's requirements and to ensure optimal rights and interests of clients in disputes, our lawyers will advise consumers to selected using methods resolve contract disputes as appropriate, to help customers limit the legal risks that may occur, cost savings, particularly to ensure the confidentiality of client work . 
By using this service, you will get our customers the best service providers, including the following: 
- Consulting civil law, commercial, labor ... as well as other related fields; 
- Research contracts as well as the content of the dispute; 
- Recommended options for resolving contractual disputes, advantages and disadvantages of such plans and legal point of our benefit plans for clients; 
- Organization negotiations, mediation the disputing parties in the contract, if the customer agrees. 
- Exchange and guiding clients gather material evidence and information provision; Direct material collected evidence through contact with individuals, organizations and agencies concerned. 
- Bachelor attorney authorized representative to meet and exchange with other agencies conducting litigation, arbitration bodies to best protect the legal rights and obligations of the customer. 
- Representatives of extrajudicial according to customer requirements in the dispute resolution process, to protect the interests of clients before courts, arbitrators and administrative agencies. 

Gia Hoang Law Firm is pleased to provide legal services to the customers. 
Lawyer Phan Mai

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