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Consulting services corporate governance

Corporate governance has important significance in creating harmonious relationships between the board, management, shareholders and other stakeholders involved in the business. Good corporate governance will promote and enhance the ability of firms to access external capital resources, actively contributing to the enhancement of corporate value, increase investment and sustainable development business and economy. Thus, corporate governance is the concern with the current international nature. 
Currently, corporate governance have a separation between business management and business ownership. The company evolved from a family size public companies is increasing. Many individuals and organizations rather than invest idle funds are poured into the resulting company business model beyond national borders and more. Since then, the capacity constraints and time demands led to the separation of ownership and management. This potential conflict of interest between shareholders and corporate managers, commonly known as authorization issues. Conflicts of interest may also occur between the stakeholder groups can influence businesses as employees, suppliers, customers and government and even among the group of shareholders. 
With extensive experience in the field of management consulting firms, law Hoang Gia Our firm prides itself in providing customers consultancy services corporate governance best. Specifically, we would advise the following businesses: 
Consulting the reorganization of scientific governance, ensuring the interests of its shareholders and limit the abuse of power management to asset utilization, business opportunities of the company, to serve own benefit or loss of company resources consultancy organization enterprise internal, board, board of directors, supervisory board, the department ... 
  • Advice on strategic management of business enterprises: enterprises located in the best position in target markets, maximizing long-term value of the business; 
  • Advice on human resources management of the business; 
  • Advice on Production Management - the business of the enterprise; 
  • Advice on management of corporate finance; 
  • Advice on working location management and business enterprises; 
  • Advice on management quality and reputation of the business of its customers;
Lawyers receiving counseling requirements of customers across multiple modes: direct, email, phone, skypy to have timely advice, efficiency and avoid inconvenience to customers. 
Gia Hoang law firm is pleasure providing legal services to the customers. 

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