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Consulting licensed professions conditions

In the system of business, the law stipulates certain conditions when registering enterprises operations. Specifically, the industry is set forth below:
+ Business legal service
+ Business Services healthcare and pharmaceutical business
+ Sales of veterinary services, manufacturing and sale of veterinary drugs
+ Business Services design construction planning, construction surveying, construction design, construction supervision
+ Business Services Audit
+ Business Services Accountant
+ Production, processing, bottling, packaging, sale of plant protection products
+ Business fumigation services
+ Business Services designed vehicles
+ Buying and selling artifacts, antiques and national treasures
+ Services real estate brokerage;
+ Service real estate valuation;
+ Services real estate transactions.
+ Services representative industrial property
+ Services private healthcare
+ Medical service private traditional medicine
+ Brokerage services, real estate valuation
+ Real estate services and real estate trading floor - 2 CCHN
+ Production, processing, bottling, packaging, medicinal and plant protection
+ Service tax procedures
+ Design service vehicles
+ Fumigation Activity
+ Services representative industrial property
1.  Credit Institutions (Resolution No. 141/2006 / ND-CP dated 22/11/2006)
- Joint Stock Commercial Bank: 1000 billion
- Branches of foreign banks: $ 15 million
2.  People's Credit Funds (Decree 141/2006 / ND-CP dated 22/11/2006)
- Foundation of the Central People's Credit 1000 billion
- People's Credit Fund Base: 0.1 billion
3 . The non-bank credit institutions (Decree 141/2006 / ND-CP dated 22/11/2006)
- Finance companies: 300 billion
- Financial leasing companies: 100 billion
4.  Real Estate Business: 6 billion (Article 3 of Decree 153/2007 / ND-CP dated 15/10/2007)
5. Debt collection services: 2 billion (Article 13 of Decree 104/2007 / ND-CP dated 14/6/2007)
6. Security Services: 2 billion (not business lines and services other than protective services) (Decree 52/2008 / ND-CP dated 22/4/2008)
7.  Services to send laborers to work overseas 5 billion (Article 3 of Decree No. 126/2007 / ND-CP dated 1/8/2007)
Film Production 8: Have an eligible business license by the Cinema Department before they are registered (Article 11 of Decree 96/2007 / ND-CP dated 6/6/2007)
9.  Business airfields: (Paragraph 1, Article 22 of Decree 83/2007 / ND-CP dated 25/5/2007)
- Trading in international airports: 100 billion
- Sales at domestic airports: 30 billion
10.  Supply of aviation services that are not enterprises and airfields: (Paragraph 2, Article 22 of Decree 83/2007 / ND-CP dated 25/5/2007)
- Trading in international airports: 30 billion
- Sales at domestic airports: 10 billion
11. Air transport business: (Paragraph 1, Article 8 of Decree 76/2007 / ND-CP ngay9 / 5/2007)
a. International air transport:
- Exploitation of 1 to 10 aircraft: 500 billion
- Exploit from 11 to 30 aircraft: 800 billion
- Tapping on 30 aircraft: 1000 billion
  b. Domestic air transport:
   - Exploitation of 1 to 10 aircraft: 200 billion VND
   - Exploit from 11 to 30 aircraft: 400 billion
   - Tapping on 30 aircraft: 500 billion
12 Business Aviation 50 billion (Paragraph 2, Article 8 of Decree 76/2007 / ND-CP dated 9/5/2007)
+ Business Services for domestic travel and international business permits inbound / International.
+ Hotel Sales: Accreditation Decision stars tourist accommodation establishments
+ Printing Services: Printing operation license, certificate Information Security eligibility.
+ Real Estate Sales: rent to foreigners: DK certification record full fire
+ Real Estate Sales: rent to foreigners: Certificate of qualified Information Security (After confirming sufficient DK BB Fire
+ Business Protection Services: Certificate of qualified Information Security
+ Real Estate Market: Market Announcement real estate transaction activity
+ Bottled Water Production: Certificate of qualified food safety and hygiene certificates Product Disclosure standards (food safety after having GCN)
+ Food Products: Certificate of qualified food safety and hygiene certificates product standards
+ Business restaurants, bars, cafes certificate qualified food safety, inspection records Fire.
+ Activity Language Center (Informatics): Operating Licence Language Center (informatics).
+ Business medicaments certificate eligible business
+ Production of veterinary medicine: production licenses veterinary medicine.
+ Kindergarten: The decision to set up a field
+ Manufacturing Cosmetic Registration Publish product circulation.
+ Business manufacturing industry affects the environment: business waste, rags, Producer: Registration is committed to protecting the environment, or environmental protection scheme.
+ Business polyclinics, dental, physiotherapy, therapy room ceiling traditional medical certificate qualified clinic.
+ Imports of food products: Certificate of product standards
+ Imports of medical equipment: import license (valid 01 years)
+ Advertising Drug Advertising Permit
+ Functional foods and cosmetics: License food safety
+ Vocational: teaching licenses of establishments.
+ Business alcohol: GP wine retail, wholesale, production of alcohol.
+ Film production: Paper Sun eligible film production
+ Multi-level Sales: Registration multi-level sales organization
+ Activity page electronic information (ICP): Operating Licence ICP Electronics website
+ Chemical Business Permits qualified chemical business
+ Transporting by car: business license in automobile transportation.
+ Activity Promotion: Promotion permit program
+ Opening representative offices abroad: licenses to open representative offices abroad.
+ Business Services Labor export: operation permit export of labor services
+ Sales Tax Free shops: Text determine eligibility checking, supervision of store locations exempt traders, qualified duty free shop located on the exit of aircraft .
+ Bonded Business Decision established a bonded warehouse locations.
+ Business collection retail locations domestically (CFS): The decision to establish collection sites at local retail.
+ Insurance Business:
- License for establishment and operation of insurance enterprises
- License for establishment and operation of branches and enterprises of non-life insurance abroad.
+ Trading securities:
+ - License for establishment and operation (securities companies and branches of foreign securities companies in Vietnam);
- License for establishment and operation (fund management company, branch of a foreign fund management company in Vietnam);
- License for establishment and operation of investment company securities;
- License securities custody activities;
- Securities practice certificates.
+ Reinsurance business: establishment license and operate reinsurance enterprises.
+ Services Asset valuation certificate qualified business valuation services; Appraiser price tag.
+ Consulting enterprises valuation for equitization: Properties list pricing counseling organizations are permitted to provide valuation services to enterprises equitization.
+ Business debt collection services: Certificate of registration of business debt collection services
Licensing procedures are relatively complex, requiring experienced, know the laws. Hoang Gia law firm has a team of lawyers to meet the requirements to apply for licensure and operation for customers.
Hoang Gia law firm proudly provides legal service to the customers.
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